Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I thought I wasn't able to learn to love myself whole heartedly just because I'm struggling with acne. Yes, acne really brings me down. It hurts me to see people with good complexion. Honestly I think I look better in photos just because the lighting and all hides my imperfections. I always thought I would not be able to love myself whole heartedly until the conversation I had with the ladies at work not long ago.

We were talking about plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and anything related. It was just a random topic that we had in mine during our lunch break. I did not realize until that moment that I actually love myself, very much.

I was asked, what would I want to change if I had the chance to, physically? I gave it a thought and realize, I want to change nothing. I like myself for what I am now. The only thing I would like is, to have a better skin which can be done through facial treatments and medication. No, I'm not going to the extent where they will scrap my skin from my thighs and transfer it on my problematic skin. No.

They were shocked because all of them have answers to that question except myself. I realize I actually do accept myself and that I shouldn't be brought down just because I'm having acne. It really isn't easy because people will say things about me. Yes they do. 

I ever heard people saying, "Her face already got many pimples still want put makeup, so ugly." When I turn to look at her, she herself don't have a good complexion -_- Aside from that, people do say things like, "See her face like that confirm no guys want her." or some will give that disgusted look. Yes, I do get sad, really sad that I felt like crying. I mean, no one's perfect. People still judge you by your looks, sad truth.

I went on to surf the internet and saw other ladies who goes struggles with acne too. I admire how confident they are and how strong they are although they are suffering from acne. Yes, acne affects a lot of people but the minority who doesn't are the ones that are bringing us down. Well, life....... 

I do see people who suffers from acne but still look gorgeous. I think it's the confidence that she has which explains how confident she look. I admire people like her. After the conversation, I felt much better about myself. 

No doubt I'm going to do the best I can to achieve a much better complexion but as for now, I'm going to learn to stand strong even with the struggle of acne. Only people who suffers from acne will understand how I feel. Well ladies, we shall hold hands and be confident. Afterall, no one's perfect!


Anonymous said...


Despite your struggles with acne issues, you still look beautiful :) As in your nice facial features are there, and complements your face shape :)

You look like the Malay version of Mediacorp actress, Adeline Lim.

Anonymous said...

Hi may i know where you do your brows and for how much?
tq!! <3